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If you had to categorize Wailea Beach, it would probably be called a ‘resort beach’ since it’s surrounded by the Four Seasons and Grand Wailea, with the Wailea Beach Marriot close by. And most of the beachgoers here are probably staying at one of those resorts. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that Wailea Beach is one of those places that can make you want to stay permanently. It’s long and wide, and has great conditions for snorkeling and paddle boarding. There’s also the Wailea beach walk that runs in the back of the beach in case you want to explore the South Maui coastline. All in all, Wailea Beach is definitely worth checking out on your Maui vacation.
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Secret Beach is one of the most photographed places on Maui, as well as one of the most popular places to get married. It’s not a swimming beach like nearby Big Beach. But it’s great for hanging out in the tide pools, exploring and relaxing. Tides and surf can be strong at times, so be very careful not to get carried into the lava rocks by waves. The beach has two entry points on either side with a large lava outcropping in the middle. That leaves only small areas for swimming, so be careful. This beach is a challenge to find (hence the name), but if you can get there the challenge is definitely worth it.

Here’s a video guide to Palauea Beach (aka White Rock), my favorite beach on the entire island of Maui. It’s a superb spot for snorkeling, paddle boarding, and boogie boarding. There are lava outcroppings on both ends of the beach that are usually hopping with underwater life. I found the south end of the beach a little more active with turtles and fish. As usual, morning is the best time for snorkeling because the water is calm and uncrowded. Waves are typically calm, but can become variable with a south swell. The kiawe trees that line the back of the beach give off nice shade when the sun gets too intense. The vibe is very relaxed, so if you prefer a resort beach, this isn’t for you.

There are no bathrooms or amenities here, and the regulars like it that way. If you need a bathroom, there’s a beach park near the Fairmont Kealani just north of White Rock. If you’re coming from Wailea, just drive on Wailea Alanui past most of the resorts. Turn right onto Kaukahi Street and left on Makena Road.


Here’s a video postcard coming to you from Big Beach on Maui Hawaii. A Maui beach sunset… not a bad way to end the day. Share it with somebody that needs a pod-sized vacation on Maui!


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